Poster Reveal: Millicent Scowlworthy

After a long silence and a lot of secret planning, we’re thrilled to finally show you the poster for our latest production! This poster was designed for us by the multi-talented Amanda Ramirez, one of 99 Stock’s founding company members and designer of every poster in our 2012 and 2013 Seasons! In addition to this […]

millicent artfully icon

Timothy Goble as Cat in I Never Lie

From Life to Stage: Playing Cat in I Never Lie

The process of developing Cat has been a unique experience for myself as an actor. Due to the nature of the rehearsal process, it was very easy to see how I could bring my own experiences to life through this character. As we built the story, we were granted more freedom than is usual in […]

Memories in Wood: Set Design for I Never Lie

Devised pieces like I Never Lie are like a blank canvas to a set designer, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this project. Through the evolution of this set, there was a lot of discussion about the broader themes in the Pinocchio story – such as self-identification, lying, why a […]

The early stages

Hunter Ridenour as Romeo in I Never Lie

Games and Adventures: Playing Romeo in I Never Lie

Hello! My name is Hunter! I’m going to be playing the character of Romeo (also known as Lampwick or Candlewick in some versions of the story) for the upcoming production of I Never Lie: The Pinocchio Project. I’ve greatly enjoyed the rehearsal process and the chance to work with an awesome cast. We’ve had a […]

The Voice of Conscience: Playing Cricket in I Never Lie

The Cricket. The voice of conscience, reason, and good decisions you won’t regret in the morning. If only Pinocchio had listened to him from the beginning… but then we wouldn’t have a story to tell, now would we? The story of Pinocchio is driven by a series of bad decisions, and the Cricket is there, […]

Andrew Chung as Cricket in I Never Lie

Derek Caplan, as Fox, and Tim Goble, as Cat, playing around during green screen day.

Costuming I Never Lie

The costumes for I Never Lie play a unique role in telling the story. We came up with two different looks for each of the boys –  one is the costume they wear onstage when they are in the classroom, and the other is shown in the multimedia projections  when they encounter magic aspects of the […]

What Does the Fox Say? Playing Fox in I Never Lie

I Never Lie is the third piece of devised theatre I’ve worked on under Meredith Eden (the most recent being 99 Stock’s own HITCHER). When I first heard about the project, I knew it was something I needed to be a part of. Devised theatre is so much more involving and encouraging than simply being […]

Derek Caplan & Tim Goble as Fox & Cat

James Mayagoitia as Geppetto

Carving Out Character: Playing Geppetto in I Never Lie

In I Never Lie, I play Geppetto (the woodcarver, in the Pinocchio tale). He is the oldest of the boys and also the wisest. However, he is right on the edge of adolescence and the time is drawing very near for him to grow up. He sees a lot of himself in Pinocchio and it […]

Why Pinocchio? Directing I Never Lie

Meredith Eden, director of I Never Lie, took some time out of her busy rehearsal schedule to talk about this new work -  and to answer the important question that every show needs to ask: Why this story?     The heart and soul of the piece started with a frustration I had about our […]

Meredith, with our stage manager Laraine, playing & devising at a recent rehearsal. There's a reason it's called a 'play', after all.

Renzo Romero as Pinocchio in I Never Lie

Psychology of a Puppet: Playing Pinocchio in I Never Lie

Pinocchio, in I Never Lie, is by far one of the most difficult roles I’ve worked on. How hard is it to play Pinocchio? Well, for one thing, this isn’t Disney. This puppet has more depth than Niccolo Machiavelli. Okay, maybe not that deep – but he’s got so many layers, and so many issues […]